How I Work


  1. I come to meet you and give you a free 1 hour consultation, during which an in-depth lifestyle and health evaluation takes place. We’ll also talk about your goals and I’ll assess your physical health and nutrition. I may ask you to fill out a weekly food diary so that I can assess how you’re doing with your nutrition.
  2. Using this information, I will then design your personal programme.
  3. I will train you wherever you like. I come to most people’s homes and bring all the equipment we’ll need with me, and we’ll often train in local parks etc.
  4. As you progress I’ll constantly reassess your programme to make sure you’re getting the best results possible as time goes on.

What does a training session involve?

Warm Up and Stretching

Warm up is really important before any work-out so that you’re ready to exercise and don’t injure yourself.

Strength and Toning

We’ll use handheld weights or resistance bands to train the main muscle groups such as arms, legs, back, chest and abs. By increasing the size or improving the tone of your muscles your body will burn up more calories on a daily basis, increasing your metabolic rate.

Cardio-vascular Activity

We may use power walking outside, jogging or running, depending on what your goals are and what resources we have available. This type of aerobic exercise is great for burning calories and fat and will make your lungs and heart stronger and more efficient.

Core Strength Training

This involves working the body’s core muscles in the abdominals and back areas, helping to improve posture and possibly alleviating lower back pain. We use big stability balls to train these muscles using a huge range of fantastic exercises.

Cool Down and Stretching

The Cool Down is just as essential as the Warm Up. We’ll always stretch after exercise to help your body recover – you’ll feel much better the next day having done it! We’ll also make sure that your muscular balance is right, stretching any tight or shortened muscles to re-balance your body in the long-term.