Personal Training

I design bespoke training programmes for each client’s individual needs and goals and train on a one-to-one basis. Whether you’ve struggled to keep up your gym sessions, you’re a complete beginner or someone who just needs a new more effective way of exercising, I can help. I’ll help you get results, fast.

Weight Management, Toning and Conditioning

I can help you achieve results that genuinely last without the torture of dieting. We will work on the principle that toning your muscles actually makes them burn more calories every day, so as long as you don’t increase you calorie intake, you’ll lose fat. Obviously toning the muscles also has a great visible benefit too!

Pre + Post Natal

Contrary to popular belief it is safe to exercise when you’re pregnant using specific techniques. In fact exercise, of the right kind, has many benefits before, during and after pregnancy. It can limit weight gain, reduce birth length time, reduce birth pain levels, and reduce morning sickness as well as reducing swelling in areas such as the ankles. If you can’t afford sessions on your own I can train up to 4 pregnant ladies together [see pricelist].


Exercise is vital at this time to improve mental and physical wellbeing, and to help the body adapt to these new changes.

General fitness

Whether you want to run a marathon or simply feel fitter walking up the stairs, I can help.

Bridal shape up

Many brides want to either lose weight or tone up; we can work towards the way you want to look on your big day.

Pre-ski season

Get fit before you hit the slopes so that you can make the most of your holiday.

Summer bikini shape up

I can help you tone up or lose weight so that you’re looking fabulous in your bikini.

Stress relief

Exercise, of the right type, is proven to reduce stress and increase a sense of well being and perspective.

Injury rehabilitation

Any injury can be recovered from much more rapidly with the right training and sports therapy massage.

Energy boost

I can design programmes specifically to boost your energy levels combined with nutritional advice.

Medical conditions such as diabetes and IBS

Exercise helps many medical conditions and can alleviate symptoms

Any personal goals can be trained for