“Sarah: the sparkle in Sparklefit!   She understands so well the mental as well as physical benefits of exercise and I wouldn’t be without her.  She makes a real effort to ensure that I enjoy and get the most out of the sessions.   My muscle definition and strength have improved greatly over the last few months due to Sarah’s expert advice and encouragement (bottom kicking!).   Sarah leaves me feeling well-worked but very good about myself and with a sense of great achievement!”
[Bev, Colchester]

“Engaging Sarah at Sparklefit as my Personal Trainer has been a positive mind and body experience. Sarah is very motivating and she prepares each training session to be challenging but great fun. The results for me have been a reduction in my levels of stress and tension, increased fitness levels, muscle toning, reshaping and feeling absolutely fantastic as a result.”
[Juliet, Colchester]

“Sarah has really helped me lose some very stubborn baby weight and kept every workout interesting to keep me motivated.  I always feel like I’ve worked really hard after each session but had fun too!  Thanks Sarah!”
[Kate, Colchester]

“I have never done real exercise due to a slightly wonky leg!! I didn’t even do it at school so was fairly terrified of the whole idea but needs must…it was that or lipo and I couldn’t afford/face that!

Sarah gave my whole lifestyle a good overhaul, including my diet and general lifestyle. She pointed out (gently) where I was going wrong and came up with workable solutions. Never thought I’d say this but it was fun! My lack of balance to start with was hilarious!

When I had a bad week with food or exercise she understood but also made sure I got back on track. I thought I wanted to lose 2 stone but having now lost about a stone in a matter of months I realised I don’t need to lose that much and instead want to focus on toning up. Generally I am much happier (as is hubby!) and confident in myself. Thank you so much!!”
[Emma, Colchester]

“I wanted to get fit and lose a stone in preparation for a major operation – at 66 I never thought I’d achieve it. But thanks to Sarah I reached the target in two months and actually began to enjoy exercising. Sarah is always sensitive to my constraints and makes good use of equipment I have at home. She is always coming up with new things to do to vary the programme. She is very encouraging and leaves me feeling really good after a session. Since the operation, I have continued to lose weight and exercise with Sarah, so hopefully I’ve managed small steps towards a life style change. Thank you Sarah!
[Alison, Colchester]

“Sarah was recommended to me by my doctor when I wanted to get into shape for a long distance bike ride, and I signed up for a short course with her – that was over three years ago now, and I am still training with her and in better shape and stronger than I had been for ages. I’m quite certain that working with Sarah has added years to my life. It is incredibly easy to get on with Sarah, she never fails to motivate and make you feel comfortable, and as a result you find yourself trusting her and achieving much more than you would have done on your own. Sarah is completely reliable and one of the most professional people I have ever met; her programmes are based on a deep level of understanding of fitness training, they vary enough to keep you interested and are always suitable to your needs and what you personally enjoy doing.
[Ellie, Tendring]

“I really can’t praise my time with Sarah enough. Trying to exercise without guidance at the gym had made me realise that I was very unfit, so I decided to get a personal trainer because I knew I needed to be told by a professional that I could push myself that little bit further, even when it felt like I couldn’t. Because of problems with my calves, I knew that cardio was going to be a problem for me and was initially scared of being thrown into miles of running leaving me aching and wanting to give up. I was immediately put at ease when I was told our first session would be in my very small living room and that all we needed was a hoop and kettle bell to get the fat burning. Sarah tailored each work out to my needs and in 10 weeks I lost a massive stone and a half. Because of her guidance and weekly homework my body shape has totally changed and I feel more confident than ever. Thank you Sarah for everything! I’ll see you soon for another session as soon as I can!
[Rachael, Colchester]